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Family Preservation


We currently have 12 families that we are helping stay together. We help them each in areas that they need assistance in. Our hope is to have them get back on their feet and not need our assistance. We have given the families money to start businesses, trained them in saving and giving back to the church. Each family needs roughly $100 a month, we prices rising it is actually more like $150. If you would like to get involved, we would love to introduce you to a family that needs you!


Here is an example of how we are trying to keep families together. 


Chandline lost her eyesight about a year ago. She is 25 years old and she has three children. A 6 year old son, not in the pictures has been living in Port au Prince as a child slave. He will be coming back to live her.

She loves her children and wants to stay at home with them. She has come to us a handful of times and didn’t feel at peace with what we could offer. We want children to stay with their parents and family whenever it is a healthy and safe situation. Little Mia, is 9 years old and does everything for her mother. She leads her to the market, down the road, she sells things for her, cooks for her, washes laundry, potty trains her little sister and the list goes on. Momma makes the little money she has by sleeping with men.

We sat down with the momma and had a long, hard conversation. She really loves her children. She is young and doesn’t want to live at the elderly home, she wants to stay home with her children. Praise God! These children are blessed to be able to stay with their momma.

We have decided to help this little family out by hiring help for the mom. The gal that will help her will do laundry, walk her where she needs to go, help sell things if she needs to, cook, walk her children to school and pick them up and do homework with them. This will allow Mia and the other children to be CHILDREN! We will also provide food so the momma doesn’t have to sell herself to feed her family. Over time, we may help her start a small business to sustain herself.