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Plaisance du Sud, Haiti (above)


The Guillaume family is a household name to everyone in Plaisance du Sud, Haiti.

Serving others is a value that has been instilled throughout this family. 

Foundation Guillaume and Mission of Grace are missions that are both run by Guillaume siblings.

Mr. Jocelyn, aka Mr. Elvis, and Ms. Lynn are both examples of love in action. 

Those who call Plaisance home are survivors.  Living without electricity or running water is no easy task.  Living off of the land, and being kind to your neighbors comes naturally to these folks.

Plaisance has such an amazing sense of community and makes everyone feel at home.

Foundation Guillaume and Mission of Grace are making a difference for those in this community. 

Love A Neighbor was created to support the work being done in Plaisance by both of these missions. 


The majority of our work can be divided up into what we call our 3 Hands. Each one reaching a separate field that supports or lifts up Plaisance as a whole.

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Mission of Grace Orphanage in Plaisance

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Family Preservation

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Dolan Family

Love a Neighbor

Love a Neighbor is a 501c3

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